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About Me

I am a Huntsvillian. I am proud to say I was born in the Huntsville Hospital in 1946 and raised in Huntsville. Both my grandfather and great-grandfather were cotton mill workers, working in both Lowe Mill and Lincoln Mill. My father graduated from West Huntsville High School and my mother from Lincoln. My grandmother was a short-order cook in several cafes in the city. My other grandmother was a clerk at Dobson’s. My dad was a Purple Heart survivor of Omaha Beach and D-Day and after he returned from WWII worked at Redstone until he retired in 1986. My brother Don was three years older than me and attended Huntsville High School while I attended Lee High School.

  I was a member of the first graduating class at Lee in  1964 and went to Memphis State where I earned a degree in Journalism and a commission in the United States Air Force. I retired as a Major after serving 20 years and served as a computer support specialist at the University of Memphis for the next 20 years.

  I have authored eight  books about Air Force life and this is my fourth book dealing with growing up in Huntsville. I am retired and currently live in Memphis with my wife Sue.
The Friends Who Helped

● Arnie Clinton Anderson ● Craig Bannecke ● Jim Bannister ● Escoe German Beatty ● Mark Bentley ● Don Blaise ● Mike Boggs ● Jerry Brewer ● J.R. Brooks ● Eddie Burton ● Larry Byrom ● Jeanne Ivey Embrey Carter ● Carole Bradshaw Choomack ● Linda Kinkle Cianci ● Skip Cook ● Barbara Seely Cooper ● Butch Cryder ● Greg Dixon ● Barbara Wilkerson Donnelly ● John Drummond ● Randy Duck ● Rick Edmonds ● Carolyn Burgess Featheringill ● Greg Forde ● Bruce W. Fowler ● Jeff Fusell ● Annette McCraney Gallager ● Pat Goodson ● Michael Griffith ● Dink Hollingsworth ● Ronnie Hornbuckle ● Jim Johnson ● Dwight Jones ● Paula Spencer Kephart ● Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid ● Rainer Klauss ● Barb Biggs Knott ● Joan Graybill Lucas ● Vern Lucas ● Jim McBride ● Dianne Hughey McClure ● Buddy Miller ● Joy Rubins Morris ● Jim Myrick ● Patsy Hughes Oldroyd ● Karen Tucker Oliver ● Aaron Potts ● Terry Preston ● Polly Gurley Redd ● Kevin Rice ● Andrea Gray Roberson ● J. Whitt Singleton ● Pam Grooms Smith ● Virgil Stewart ● Glen Swaim ● Eddie Sykes ● Linda Taylor ● Randy Taylor ● Sonny Turner ● George Vail ● Linda Beal Walker ● Cecilia LeVan Watson ● Sherry Adcock White ● George Lehman Williams ● Collins Wynn ● Don Wynn ● Tony Wynn ●
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Author:  Tommy Towery

ISBN Number:  978-1-60458-689-3

Copyright date: August 2010

Book Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Number of Pages: 402

Number of illustrations: 268

Number of contributing writers: 68
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"The Baby Boomer's Guide"
About the Book

Tommy Towery is a faithful writer, famous rememberer, and gifted compiler of stories.  He binds us together as he writes of the people, places, and things that comprise our early history in Huntsville. He takes us on memory trips where we can relax and enjoy the ride because he is such a great driver.  Tommy is our friend, classmate, and chronicler. No other group lived the lives we shared and no one has collected or tells the stories from that era better than Tommy does.  – Jim McBride, Huntsville’s own Alabama Music Hall of Fame Song Writer

Since 2001 I have maintained a weekly internet newspaper for my classmates from Lee High School. Through the years we often discussed our memories of the Huntsville of our childhood. Over time many former students of other schools joined in the activities of that site and contributed their own memories.

Major items covered inculded memories of downtown Huntsville and the activities around the courthouse square on Saturday mornings, movies, transportation, dances, and garage bands.

  Having previously written and published five books on the lives of U.S. Air Force B-52 crewmembers I saw the opportunity of using the same process to preserve the history of Huntsville in the early Fifties and Sixties. Augmenting my own memories with many of the contributions of classmates and friends, I produced this guide  to give a depth of knowledge that one person alone could not possess.
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“A Million Tomorrows"
About the Book

Huntsville, Alabama, was not what you would call a normal Deep South town in 1963. It may have been 100 years before, but it wasn’t any more.

“A Million Tomorrows…Memories of the Class of ’64” is a book that reflects on the changes in the world over a 25-year period in history. It saw its foundation laid on the day President Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963. On that day I started a journal recording the day-by-day events in my life and recorded my daily life from then until the day I graduated from Lee High School in June of 1964.

The journal was kept in storage for 25 years and on the 25th anniversary of the first entry, I began a day-by-day comparison of the entries in the journal and the differences and influences it had in my life 25 years to-the-date later.

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